Love Hurts


Weekday Success

Isn’t it strange how the definition of success changes for people over the years. And also what success is to me might be  an eyebrow raiser for some of you with an added touch of the sarcastic word Really.

Like for me getting up on the first weekday after a relaxed weekend and reaching to school on time to drop my groggy kid without having to drift through the closing gates  is a small victory or success for me. See how most of you raised your eyebrow and said, “Really? I wake up like a bunny and glide through my morning routine like a Swan. 

Common goals and achieving them such as making money, education, getting married, buying a house and going for exotic holidays is a success what majority of us get. But small types of victory like going through the week smiling, helping out people and being hopeful is the type success that I try to achieve at this point of time in my life. Also being punctual won’t hurt either. 

From one hopeful to another.. Adios

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Mind over heart

What comes to the mind when we hear the word overworked? Hard labour, gruelling duty hours, running around the kids without any help whatsoever, no time to care or look after yourselves etc etc. All aspects related to one being physically exhausted.

But has anyone given a thought that mind or brain is the most overworked thing in today’s world. Trying to achieve the perfect balance between relationships,career and social interactions is a game what the mind and the heart play every day.  Some times the heart wins and sometimes the mind. But in the end it’s the mind that becomes overworked. Because even if it loses to the heart it still keeps thinking what if it was right. Whereas the heart on the other hand is satisfied if it wins, no if’s or buts. 

It sometimes feels like the mind has a mind of it’s own and that’s why perhaps it is so overworked and stressed out nowadays.

Till my mind starts minding it’s own business I guess I have to be  content in being overworked. 

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Is it me or do you  also feel like running away to a foreign land and be far far away from everything . Don’t get me wrong that I run away from my responsibilities or shy away from fulfilling them,  I’m trying my best but some days, even though everything is all right, I just feel I should fly off to an unknown destination (Far East anyone) without telling a single soul and be on my own.

Maybe this fascination came from the fact that my dad did the same thing to us, although it scared the daylights out of mom and me, he just took off for few days without telling us. Now this might sound like that this relationship needs therapy kinda thing but believe me truly when I say this that he and my mom never had a huge argument where he would walk out for few days. 

But one fine day he did. He had his own reasons in doing so, which at that point we couldn’t reason with, but now somewhat I do understand why he did so. As kids when we were upset or confused what did we do? Hide on our favourite corner, go to our friend’s house next door or just take a walk down the neighbourhood. As an adult we still do these things but somehow they don’t give us the satisfaction of hiding or being adventurous  and being on our own for a while. 

Now I’m not encouraging anyone who is reading this to run off at the very chance they get but I’m just saying maybe it’s my time  to have an adventure and be on my own.

See ya when I see ya. 





What comes to mind when we hear or say the word Ambience? For starters this word makes me sound French without having to put up any added accent.There there now you also said it aloud didn’t you?

I don’t know but somehow the word Ambience just makes me feel good. It automatically reminds me of  my personal spaces that make me comfortable, be it my place on the bed in front of the heater, creating a romantic atmosphere by dimming the lights of the living room and listening to soft music of yesteryear or even switching off my car headlights in a parking lot where there are no streetlights just so that the moonlight shines right in….aah yes ambience, whether self created or created by nature it does have a soothing affect on the soul after a hard grueling day.

Nowadays I’am concentrating on decorating my new home and I have realized just how much time and effort we put in to create a space that will make us feel like saying aah at the end of the day…my old house didn’t have these many dimmers which my new home has, music system in the bathroom,Why Not? who doesn’t likes to sing to Shakira’s songs while in the shower or the colorful Morrocan lights in the balcony, just perfect.

So today, go ahead and create your own little peaceful heaven and just say aahhh.

From one self created French to another..Au Revoir..

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New Year Old Me

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1….Happpppyyyy New Year….Now that’s done with what to do next??Think Think…Eureka!! I will make a list of resolutions(like I do every year) and make up some fancy resolutions to replace the old dusty ones from last year.Let’s see where to start..But of course the 1 resolution my fellow homo sapiens around the world would have written too..Eat Healthy and lose weight..eating greens is so common..I will drink greens this year …how innovative of me..I just hope i don’t detoxify myself into the oblivion.

Second to start exercising..but yoga is so last year types..what to do?aah I know the new water yoga which is a new fad in town. That will make my friend green or should I say blue with envy.

Third to cut down on take outs..hmm this is the most difficult of all…will eating out rather than calling home count as same?I need to look that up..

Fourth and final one to write this one confuses me..should I write stuff that makes sense to everyone or nonsense that makes sense to me??well I guess I can try doing both.

I hope to follow these old resolutions with a new wrapping through 2017. Wish me luck fellow bloggers. From one cuckoo to another..Adios..


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To Mope or not to Mope

There are various synonyms associated with the word Mope…self pity, being pathetic, sad, depressed, killjoy and so on. But has anyone wondered why does one Mope around? I for one love to Mope around now and then,much to the annoyance of my friends and family. Believe me I’m neither chronically depressed nor a killjoy but there are times where moping makes me realise the support system that I have around me.

Haven’t you noticed how when you are walking around with the chin touching the floor the first thing your mom or dad says is to stop Moping and get out there and do something. Instant motivation talk.

Or when you sulk that you have gained weight, not got good grades or nothing is going right that one special friend will spill all her troubles just to make you feel better. Instant pick me up.

I know many of you might be thinking what I’m saying is insane.. how can Moping be a pick me up kinda thing but it really works. Now I’m not asking people to become sad or depressed just to see the support they have but I’m just saying a light dose of moping ain’t hurt anyone.

So from moper to another.. Adios Amigos..


The Journey Begins..

My friends always say that I should start writing as they have been hypnotized by me into thinking that I do tend to write some pretty decent stuff . The poor souls don’t know what wrath is about to be unleashed onto the world now.So here is my very first blog at 2 am and I’am thinking better late than never .Right?..

The name of the blog pretty sums up the state of my mind in life right now. Many things go haywire but am still hopeful that everything would be alright at the the end of the day. Not many things get solved the very same day (for eg my pimples or my dog shitting less over the place) but many important things do get better at the end of the day because I have learnt to be still hopeful and wait for the universe to do it’s magic.

Let me tell you little about myself so that you can understand why I write the things I write and maybe explain why I’am, the way I’am(little tongue twister thrown in ).

I have lost many loved ones during the past few years including my beloved sweet dad who passed away 3 years ago. I still get that little pain in my throat when you are remembering someone and stop yourself from crying . Three years and it still hurts. So I hide my pain by making everyone laugh, by being silly,by writing goofy stuff and that relieves most of the emptiness inside my heart. Maybe that’s why my favurite actors are the comediens on screen especially the Late Robin Williams. I totally relate to them because they hide their pain and sorrows by focussing on making others laugh.

Hopefully in this journey into the blog world I will make you laugh and sometime make you wonder what the hell is wrong with this woman.But nonetheless I will be still hopeful that you can relate to me .

Till we meet again…ciao