My friends always say that I should start writing as they have been hypnotized┬áby me into thinking that I do tend to write some pretty decent stuff . The poor souls don’t know what wrath is about to be unleashed onto the world now.So here is my very first blog at 2 am and I’am thinking better late than never .Right?..

The name of the blog pretty sums up the state of my mind in life right now. Many things go haywire but am still hopeful that everything would be alright at the the end of the day. Not many things get solved the very same day (for eg my pimples or my dog shitting less over the place) but many important things do get better at the end of the day because I have learnt to be still hopeful and wait for the universe to do it’s magic.

Let me tell you little about myself so that you can understand why I write the things I write and maybe explain why I’am, the way I’am(little tongue twister thrown in ).

I have lost many loved ones during the past few years including my beloved sweet dad who passed away 3 years ago. I still get that little pain in my throat when you are remembering someone and stop yourself from crying . Three years and it still hurts. So I hide my pain by making everyone laugh, by being silly,by writing goofy stuff and that relieves most of the emptiness inside my heart. Maybe that’s why my favurite actors are the comediens on screen especially the Late Robin Williams. I totally relate to them because they hide their pain and sorrows by focussing on making others laugh.

Hopefully in this journey into the blog world I will make you laugh and sometime make you wonder what the hell is wrong with this woman.But nonetheless I will be still hopeful that you can relate to me .

Till we meet again…ciao


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