There are various synonyms associated with the word Mope…self pity, being pathetic, sad, depressed, killjoy and so on. But has anyone wondered why does one Mope around? I for one love to Mope around now and then,much to the annoyance of my friends and family. Believe me I’m neither chronically depressed nor a killjoy but there are times where moping makes me realise the support system that I have around me.

Haven’t you noticed how when you are walking around with the chin touching the floor the first thing your mom or dad says is to stop Moping and get out there and do something. Instant motivation talk.

Or when you sulk that you have gained weight, not got good grades or nothing is going right that one special friend will spill all her troubles just to make you feel better. Instant pick me up.

I know many of you might be thinking what I’m saying is insane.. how can Moping be a pick me up kinda thing but it really works. Now I’m not asking people to become sad or depressed just to see the support they have but I’m just saying a light dose of moping ain’t hurt anyone.

So from moper to another.. Adios Amigos..



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