10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1….Happpppyyyy New Year….Now that’s done with what to do next??Think Think…Eureka!! I will make a list of resolutions(like I do every year) and make up some fancy resolutions to replace the old dusty ones from last year.Let’s see where to start..But of course the 1 resolution my fellow homo sapiens around the world would have written too..Eat Healthy and lose weight..eating greens is so common..I will drink greens this year …how innovative of me..I just hope i don’t detoxify myself into the oblivion.

Second to start exercising..but yoga is so last year types..what to do?aah I know the new water yoga which is a new fad in town. That will make my friend green or should I say blue with envy.

Third to cut down on take outs..hmm this is the most difficult of all…will eating out rather than calling home count as same?I need to look that up..

Fourth and final one to write regularly..now this one confuses me..should I write stuff that makes sense to everyone or nonsense that makes sense to me??well I guess I can try doing both.

I hope to follow these old resolutions with a new wrapping through 2017. Wish me luck fellow bloggers. From one cuckoo to another..Adios..


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