What comes to mind when we hear or say the word Ambience? For starters this word makes me sound French without having to put up any added accent.There there now you also said it aloud didn’t you?

I don’t know but somehow the word Ambience just makes me feel good. It automatically reminds me of  my personal spaces that make me comfortable, be it my place on the bed in front of the heater, creating a romantic atmosphere by dimming the lights of the living room and listening to soft music of yesteryear or even switching off my car headlights in a parking lot where there are no streetlights just so that the moonlight shines right in….aah yes ambience, whether self created or created by nature it does have a soothing affect on the soul after a hard grueling day.

Nowadays I’am concentrating on decorating my new home and I have realized just how much time and effort we put in to create a space that will make us feel like saying aah at the end of the day…my old house didn’t have these many dimmers which my new home has, music system in the bathroom,Why Not? who doesn’t likes to sing to Shakira’s songs while in the shower or the colorful Morrocan lights in the balcony, just perfect.

So today, go ahead and create your own little peaceful heaven and just say aahhh.

From one self created French to another..Au Revoir..

via Photo Challenge: Ambience


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