Is it me or do you  also feel like running away to a foreign land and be far far away from everything . Don’t get me wrong that I run away from my responsibilities or shy away from fulfilling them,  I’m trying my best but some days, even though everything is all right, I just feel I should fly off to an unknown destination (Far East anyone) without telling a single soul and be on my own.

Maybe this fascination came from the fact that my dad did the same thing to us, although it scared the daylights out of mom and me, he just took off for few days without telling us. Now this might sound like that this relationship needs therapy kinda thing but believe me truly when I say this that he and my mom never had a huge argument where he would walk out for few days. 

But one fine day he did. He had his own reasons in doing so, which at that point we couldn’t reason with, but now somewhat I do understand why he did so. As kids when we were upset or confused what did we do? Hide on our favourite corner, go to our friend’s house next door or just take a walk down the neighbourhood. As an adult we still do these things but somehow they don’t give us the satisfaction of hiding or being adventurous  and being on our own for a while. 

Now I’m not encouraging anyone who is reading this to run off at the very chance they get but I’m just saying maybe it’s my time  to have an adventure and be on my own.

See ya when I see ya. 





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