What comes to the mind when we hear the word overworked? Hard labour, gruelling duty hours, running around the kids without any help whatsoever, no time to care or look after yourselves etc etc. All aspects related to one being physically exhausted.

But has anyone given a thought that mind or brain is the most overworked thing in today’s world. Trying to achieve the perfect balance between relationships,career and social interactions is a game what the mind and the heart play every day.  Some times the heart wins and sometimes the mind. But in the end it’s the mind that becomes overworked. Because even if it loses to the heart it still keeps thinking what if it was right. Whereas the heart on the other hand is satisfied if it wins, no if’s or buts. 

It sometimes feels like the mind has a mind of it’s own and that’s why perhaps it is so overworked and stressed out nowadays.

Till my mind starts minding it’s own business I guess I have to be  content in being overworked. 

via Daily Prompt: Overworked


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