Isn’t it strange how the definition of success changes for people over the years. And also what success is to me might be  an eyebrow raiser for some of you with an added touch of the sarcastic word Really.

Like for me getting up on the first weekday after a relaxed weekend and reaching to school on time to drop my groggy kid without having to drift through the closing gates  is a small victory or success for me. See how most of you raised your eyebrow and said, “Really? I wake up like a bunny and glide through my morning routine like a Swan. 

Common goals and achieving them such as making money, education, getting married, buying a house and going for exotic holidays is a success what majority of us get. But small types of victory like going through the week smiling, helping out people and being hopeful is the type success that I try to achieve at this point of time in my life. Also being punctual won’t hurt either. 

From one hopeful to another.. Adios

via Daily Prompt: Successful

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